are you one of the mothers or mums-to-be, who feel different and is frustrated of not fitting into the world ?


Differs your attitude towards life and motherhood from those of your families and surroundings?


Living in this discrepancy, do you sometimes feel misunderstood, overwhelmed or powerless? Do you also know moments of insecurity and solitude?


Be supported in becoming a conscious, self-confident and authentique mum,

so you can really listen to your children's needs and support them unconditionally for they are able to flourish and develop their unique gifts,

even in an insecure world of contradictions.

This may start already before conception.




My name is Rebekka Gabriela Specht. I am an intuitive - healer - thérapist - mentor - coach - ..  and conscious mother of two evolved young adults.


Raising my children, especially during the first 5 - 7 years, challenged and confronted me so much with myself, that for helping them to evolve in a healthy way, I needed to unravel and heal the unresolved issues and wounds from my own childhood and past. 

More about this at About me. 

Later as a therapist I was guided to dig even deeper and to do research in the pre-natal phase. My calling is to assist the incoming souls and the new children (indigo, diamond, rainbow, ..) to live a smoother childhood and get a better start into life; - which will only be possible through you, their mother (-to-be).


Using energy work and sound healing, I mentor mothers and mums-to-be,

who want to make a difference 

how to reconnect to their inner strength and wisdom,

so they become authentic contented women and a source of the highest good for their children.


Are you ready to leap, for you and your (future) children ?

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I would be delighted to work with you !










For supporting your children