Have you had yourself a difficult start into life?

Do you like to offer your child a smoother and more loving way to begin?


Then, you are at the right place.

Welcome to Conscious Conception, Pregnancy and Birth.


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With the first thought about a child,

an energy vortex is created and potential souls are attracted to come to you.


Prepare the way to Earth for your future child in love, consciousness and mutual respect.



and read more about

why it is important to prepare your body and energy fields before conceiving,

what you can do yourself and how I might assist you.



Conscious conception

  • 3 distant energy healing sessions to prepare your body, relationship and home for conscious conceiving
  • Written resume by mail and a 20 to 30 min skype/tel exchange after each session 
  • Mentoring through 2 Q&A mails or a 30 min call in between the sessions
  • Document "Spiritual pregnancy" with guided meditation and exercices for further self-preparation
  • Useful links & additional information

Price: 480,- CHF

If becoming pregnant before the end of the program (Congratulations !), the remaining sessions transform automatically into Conscious pregnancy-sessions.


Contact-me for further information or being assisted by me.





 Do you feel overwhelmed being pregnant, anxious or suffer from discomfort?

Do you want to pass on only the best and create a unique bond with your child?



Conscious pregnancy

  • 3 distant energy healing sessions
  • Written resume by mail and a 20 to 30 min exchange-call after each session
  • 2 Q&A mails or a 30 min-call in between the sessions
  • Document "Conscious pregnancy" with guided meditation, exercices and worksheets
  • Useful links & additional information

Price: 480,- CHF


Additional individual sessions can be added if desired at a price of 80,- to 120,- CHF, depending on the length of the session and the exchange-call. 


Pregnancy is a special time with an enormous potential of transformation and growth.

It is not only a child, but also a mother, that will be born.

A new world comes into being, even if this will be your 2nd or 3rd child. Each of them is different. Each of them has different demandes and stimulates other topics to evolve.

Only pass on the best of you.


Journeying consciously together on the adventure pregnancy, .. 

- unveils & releases fears, resistances, pains and obstacles

so that your child can grow safe and in confidence.

- supports you energetically during this demanding time

so that you are in peace with your changing body and feel well nourished.

- reconnects you to your inner wisdom and ancestral féminin forces

so that you are strengthened from within.

- offers you to communicate with your child

so that it's needs are heard from the beginning.

- heals the memories of your own birth experience

so that you don't repeat this patterns when giving birth.

- releases ancients believes and family patterns about birthing and motherhood

so that you are able to freely create your own way of becoming a mother.


For detailed information, read more in the following article (coming soon), or contact me.




Do you want to feel safe and be supported while giving birth ?

Do you wish your baby can feel the same on its journey of being born ?



Conscious birth

  • Birth-Blessing : a distant session, honoring the sacred time before the journey
  • Spiritual-energetic support during birthing : up to 3 distant interventions 
  • Energetic cleansing and harmonization of the delivery-room
  • Unlimited contact by mail and sms
  • Useful links & additional information
  • Written report of the  birthing process and possible messages of the baby's soul

Price: 520,- CHF


The moment of birth is sacred,

no matter where and how you're going to deliver.


Preparing birth and being energetically supported during labor ..


- gives you a safe and beneficial vibrational surrounding

through which you are strengthened.

- connects you to your instinctual forces and the ancestral power of the Ur-Mutter.

- increases your confidence towards yourself, your body and the baby

so that you can more easily surrender to the process of birthing.

- illuminates and secures the way of the incoming soul.

Heard in her sensations and needs, she hence incarnates more completely into the baby's body. CHI (life's) energy is more present in your baby and therefore its immune system heightened.

- reduces the risque of birth-trauma for mother and child.

- allows bonding on a deeper level, based on pure love.


This program is also applicable for planned / emergency c-sections and stillbirth.


For detailed information, read more in the following article (coming soon), or contact me.




These services don't replace neither a medical treatment nor the work of a midwife or doula.

They are solely complementary. 

What new-born-mothers say:

Artwork by Amy Haderer

What a joy to have this little one in our family. Thanks to you, your accompagnionship, your gentleness, your words and our discussions, I was able to complete successfully a pregnancy not simple at all. For all that I thank you wholeheartedly. I've appreciated your support throughout the whole pregnancy. Sometimes I miss our conversations and I wish this privileged time had not ended.

- Marie F., mother & midwive  (planned c-section)

Art work by Amy Haderer 

Thanks to our serendipitous meeting during a troubling point in my life, my pregnancy turned into a wonderful journey. Following our first contact, I felt instantly uplifted and your work helped to keep me connected to the divine and pure, that also being the little baby within me. Serenity soon returned to our souls and the baby found his place in the physical realm ready for his life on this earth.

This transformative journey unfolded into a truly magical birthing. Assisted by a certain few, I thank you for aligning yourself to our souls as this wonderful play unfolded. I feel deeply connected to my son beyond what my senses allow. We make each other smile from the inside out. The line between us is sacred and untouchable.

- Elyse F.-M., mother & acupuncturist (natural home birth)