What does it mean to be a conscious authentic mother ?

Document to download follows soon.





Conscious mother - Starter kit

  • 1 energetic healing session (at distance)
  • a written resume of the session by mail
  • a 20 min exchange-call after the session
  • Document : "Keys of becoming a conscious mother."
  • Follow-up : 20 min coaching by skype/phone a week after the session

Price: 180,- CHF


The "Conscious mother - Starter kit" is for you, if ..

.. you experience that the traditional way of raising your children doesn't work for you.

.. you are unsatisfied with your role as a mother.

.. you need help to get out of a stuck or challenging situation.

.. you are curious about becoming a conscious authentic mother.

.. you want to find out how energy healing helps you and your children/family.


Following the "Conscious mother - Starter kit" will give you ..

.. a gentle but determined nudge out of your actual situation,

so that you get uplifted to see new possibilities and ways to go.

.. keys how to be strengthen from within,

so that you can be more attentive and loving towards yourself and your family.



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At any time, if desired, you can just book a single or additional distant session (resume + exchange-call) for you or your child. Price between 100,- to 150,- CHF, depending on the length of the session & exchange.





Conscious mother's mentoring

This program runs over a non-predefined period of time and includes

  • 4 energetic healing sessions (at distance) with written resume of each session by mail and a 20 min exchange-call after each session
  • "Conscious mothering" worksheets and exercices for further self-development
  • Either 2 emails or a 30 min Q&A call in between the sessions

Price: 620,- CHF


The "Mother's mentoring" is for you, if ..

.. you don't feel well in your role as a mother.

.. you are overwhelmed and exhausted.

.. you feel disconnected from yourself.

.. you sense that something unamenable is bothering you.

.. you are in a loop of repeating situations.

.. you like to be supported during a longer period of time.

.. you are ready for a change !


The "Mother's mentoring" program supports you in ..

Developing your unique mothering skills

so that you become a contented and self-confident mother and woman.

Releasing limiting habits and believes

so that you can reconnect to your inner wisdom.

Unraveling your emotional baggage (ex. post-partum depression, birth- and any other trauma)

so that you feel lighter and are more vital.

Seeing through your actual situation

so that you are empowered to walk on new paths.



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At any time you can book additional individual sessions for you or in complement for your children.





Conscious mother's "All for you - intensive"

A day 'time out' of self-care, healing and transformation in beautiful Gruyères.

This 6 hour-program includes :

  • a variation of healing sessions
  • meditation & moments of inner listening
  • relaxation sound-bath or nurturing-massage
  • nature walk for re-connecting to your inner wisdom
  • practical tools for self-care
  • vegetarian organic lunch, teas from the own garden, healthy snacks
  • follow-up to assist the integration back into daily life :
    • 2 Q&A emails
    • 30 min coaching via phone/skype up to a month after the 'time out'

Special Price: 850,- CHF for the first 3 mothers.


Your main issues are discussed ahead and the program personalized to your needs.

Food will be adapted to your diet.

Option: Bring a mother-friend with you, and get 30 % discount. Price : 600,- CHF for each of you.



The "All for you - intensive" is for you, if ..


.. you feel stuck in your daily life routine.

.. you are tired of the same issues over and over with your children, partner or family.

.. you are frustrated of not seeing progress in following educational methods.

.. you are unsatisfied with the results of occasional sessions.

.. you look for a way to transform in depth issues but have no tools to solve them by yourself.

.. you are afraid of being in groups and prefer an intimate atmosphere.

.. you need a day of 'time-out' to reconnect to your inner self and become strengthened.

.. you live too far away, that single sessions are an option for you.

.. a whole day is easier to organize with your family, than single sessions during the week.


Your family wants to come to Gruyère with you ? Wonderful. While you take care of yourself, they can ski, bob or hike at Moléson, spend the day in the tree adventure parc at Charmey or do other fun staff in the région. You also can finish this day together in Charmey-Les-Bains or a private spa close by.


During your intensive you will ..


Reflect on your actual situation from different perspectives (ex. motherhood, partnership, relation to children, professional life, feminine issues, ..)

so that improvement can happen on various levels. 

Replace the sensation of being overwhelmed, powerless and frustrated with inner strength and serenity

so that you become self-confident as a woman and mother.

Transform limiting believes and self-judgments

so that you can be in peace within yourself.

Develop your inner listening

so that you can be more present for yourself and your children.

Reconnect to your inner wisdom 

so that you can trustfully be guided by your intuition.

Find calmness and centeredness

so that your new found balance can spread on to your whole family.



Contact me for further information or directly

make an appointment

for this special day of gentle 'mothering' support & healing.


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Looking forward to working with you.